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Genius is Not Enough - 5 Things I Learned From Paul Graham

24 March 2012 from San Francisco - This post took 2 hours to complete.

(Fast Company originally published my post on March 23, 2012.)

Paul Graham (PG) is one of the most prominent figures in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial community, and his reputation is well-deserved. He's an honest leader, a talented computer scientist, and has an uncanny passion for entrepreneurship. Most importantly, he’s an entrepreneur himself.

The first time I met PG was in the summer of 2010, when my cofounder and I were selected...

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From Wordpress to Github+Jekyll

14 March 2012 from San Francisco - This post took 20 minutes to complete.

Many months ago, after reading blogging like a hacker, I was inspired to switch from Wordpress to Github+Jekyll. I finally found the time to make the switch after a two year blogging hiatus. This setup gives me more control which means I can experiment comfortably and easily share code with others. Special thanks to Kristina for, yet again, taking on my ugly markup and cleaning up the design. I used vim, the 960 grid system and...

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Everyone should be technical

12 March 2012 from Johannesberg, S.Africa - This post took 15 minutes to complete.

It's likely someone you know is looking for a technical co-founder or a "rockstar" engineer who can turn any idea into working software quickly. Unfortunately, these days, if you want to build a successful software startup, your DNA needs to be technical from the ground up. This is especially true in the early days when your primary objective is simple: use technology to build something useful. Of course, there are varying degrees of technical and I am not suggesting that...

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